I work directly with video game companies to create strategies
to protect their brand against poachers and to protect their
company against frivolous intellectual property claims.



My passion and in-depth experience in intellectual property and privacy matters allows me to provide my clients with focused problem solving and specialized attention. By working with me, clients benefit from the expertise of an attorney long trained at the best law firms in the country but without paying the megafirm expenses or navigating their layered bureaucracy.


I have represented clients across the technology spectrum, but particularly those associated with the video game industry.

My practice areas include:

Intellectual Property

My specialties include enforcing IP rights, registering copyrights and trademarks, protecting mobile apps from cloning, drafting licensing agreements, defending companies against IP infringement, and litigating lawsuits in state and federal court.


VIdeo Game Law

I’ve written several articles on emerging legal trends in the video game industry that have been featured in Gamasutra, the online publication for Game Developer Magazine. Click ‘Read More’ to view them and learn how to protect your game’s intellectual property.


Privacy Policy Liability

A company can expose itself to significant fines if certain disclosures aren’t in its privacy policy. I'm a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and have written and updated privacy policies for dozens of companies.


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